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Nipple Labs

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Are you a nippless wonder?

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Why Us?

We Like You

We are a community run adult themed DeFi platfrom, we like fun and poking at things that are soft. But we also take crypto dead seriously.

We Don't Wear Rugs

We are completely decentralized. With a presale to get started. Other then that, nothing, zip, zilch, zero, nada, just strong tokenomics & a silicone future.

We Don't Discriminate

In a world full of so much hate, can't we all just agree we like the same thing. All NIPS are welcome!

Our Skills






Art is Life or is it NFT is life?

The world is eating NFTs for breakfast. Nipple Labs is no different! We want to eat them, too.
TitBits are out in the wild! Come and get one for yourself! Once the collection is sold out you will receive monthly drops of NIPS and other community coins. 

It ain't no fun, if the homies can't have none

- Snoop Dogg, 1993

The best way to show your support for NIPS is to spread the good word. Talk about NIPS,
post about NIPS, tweet about NIPS, hashtag NIPS, and most of all show your NIPS! So get
out there and lets get creative.

Nipples are like people no two are the same

Please remember this is run by the community, for the community. If you think
something needs to be done then take charge! Make your memes, build your
interfaces, educate the newbs, make cool sh!t, whatever it is you can do, then do you
boo boo.

#Nipplelabs #NIPS #gotNIPS #sunsoutNIPSout

Truth is in the memes, I mean numbers

That’s a whole lot of nipples.

Human NIPS



Nipples are part of our Culture

“Why do men have
nipples? Because God is a
woman and she really
wants us to enjoy
ourselves, that’s why.”
Cameron Dean,
Passionate Thirst

“The eyes are the nipples
of the face”
Anna Faris,

“The only intuitive
interface is the nipple.
Everything else is
Bruce Tognazzini,
Passionate Thirst

Nip the Life Fantastic

A feed of curated NIPS.

Where Marketing?

You! That’s right you, are our best source of marketing! So Shillzilla let’s get started.

We like YouTubers

Run a Youtube channel? Then feature us! We can’t
pay you but we will be forever grateful.

We like TikTokers

Still can’t pay you! But we like to be entertained!
Dance for NIPS, sing about NIPS, or just talk about
your NIPS!

We like Bloggers

Shy don’t like the camera? That’s cool, maybe you
could just write a little note about them NIPS.


"Do you know people
we don’t know?
Important people?
Well if you like us
and it’s not to much
work, then introduce
a fellow Nipster!"

Help a Nipple out

Every little bit helps. Any donations will be used to grow the NIPS ecosystem. Exchange
listings, dev fees, contentest, or whatever else the community thinks it should be allocated
to. *Please send ETH, FTM, or NIPS.

Our Moon Mission!

Are you tired of all the Doge wannabe’s? Akita, Shib, Elon, Kishu, I’m sure I missed a few but here at NIPS we want to actually make the world a little better place at least for nipples. A portion of all transaction fees will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation & Planned Parenthood. A healthy boob makes a happy nipple. 

Suns Out, Nips Out